9th general maths guess 2019

In this post, I have given the guess paper of 9th class General mathematics for arts group for all boards like Lahore board, Multan Board, Gujranwala board etc. The guess has been updated today. 
You can get the guess papers of all subjects of 9th class from this website.

9th class general math guess paper 2019

Below is the list of important questions om mathematics of arts for class 9th. Just follow this guess paper and solve the only questions given in the guess to get 80-90% marks In Sha Allah

Unit 1 important questions

Ex 1.1= Q1(i,iii) Q2 (ii) Q4 (vii)
Ex 1.3= Q1(ii, v) Q2 (iii)
Ex 1.4= Q2, Q3, Q5
Ex 1.5= complete
Review= Q3

Unit 2 important questions

Ex 2.1= complete

Unit 3 important questions

Example no. 3
Ex 3.1= Q1, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7
Example no. 1
Ex 3.2= Q1, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q8
Example no.  1 & 3
Ex 3.3= Q1, Q3-Q5
Review= Q3, Q4

Unit 4 important questions

Ex 4.1= Q1, Q2
Examples no. 2 & 3
Ex 4.2= Q6, Q3, Q12, Q13
Example no. 1
Ex 4.3= Q4, Q6-Q9

Unit 5 important questions

Example no.2 (sales tax)
Example no. 1 (excise duty)
Example no. 1 (property tax)
Ex 5.1= Q1-Q8
Ex 5.3= Q1, Q2, Q4

Unit 6 important questions

Ex 6.1= Q4(iii, viii) Q5 (i, iii, xi)
Ex 6.2= Q18, Q21
Ex 6.3= complete
Example no. 2
Ex 6.4= Q1(v) Q3(iii) Q4(i, ii)
Ex 6.5= Q1, Q4, Q6, Q8(i, iv)

Unit 7 important questions

Example no. 1, 2, 7
Ex 7.1= Q1(i, iii, iv, v, viii)
Ex 7.2= Q1(i, ii, iv) Q4, Q9, Q10
Example no. 1
Ex 7.3= Q1-Q5, Q9
Ex 7.4= Q1, Q2, Q9
Example no. 2
Ex 7.5= Q1, Q5, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q12
Review= Q5

Unit 8 important questions

Example (find AUB)
Example no. 1 & 2 (complement)
Ex 8.1= Q1(i, iv, v) Q3-Q7
Ex 8.2= Q1-Q6
Review= Q5, Q6

Unit 9 important questions

Ex 9.1= complete
Ex 9.2= Q1-Q4, Q7
Ex 9.3= Q1 (C, D)
Review= Q4

Unit 10 important questions

Ex 10.3= Q1-Q5
Note: Do all questions of variance and standad daviation

9th class general math definitions guess

Important definitions
1. Percent (Feesad)
2. Ushar
3. Profit and loss (nafa o nuqsaan)
4. All types of bank accounts
5. Bank draft
6. Inssurance
7. Ratio and proportion (nisbat and tanasab)
8. Inheritance (wirasat)
9. direct and inverse proportion (tanasb raast and tanasab makoos)
10. bait (chhooot)
11. Pay Order
12. All Types of taxes
13. Set
14. natura numbers (qudarti adaad)
15. Prime numbers (mufrad adaad)
16. Standard deviance (miaari Inheraaf)
17. median (wastaniah)
18. Domain and range
19. Maturty
20. Universal set

Best of Luck.....! :) 

9th class art math guess paper

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