MDCAT 2023 paper pattern, syllabus, date, TIPS

Dear students and teachers, today I am going to explain all and complete information about MDCAT in Pakistan. After reading this post, you will have no question left answered about MDCAT in Pakistan. I will try to incorporate all relevant information and the latest news about 2023.

MDCAT 2023 complete information

Here is complete information about MDCAT test 2023

MDCAT registration date, paper, 2020 tips and syllabus

Introduction to MDCAT

MDCAT stands for the Medical & Dental College Admission Test. 

This prerequisite test is taken in institutes in Pakistan for enrolling students in MBBS and BDS degrees. This test is equally necessary for the government and private medical colleges in Pakistan. Some students might be confused as to what is MCAT and MDCAT. 

There is no need to worry about it. The same MDCAT was previously named MCAT. However, this name was changed in 2017. MDCAT was initiated by then Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif in 1998. 

Which institution conducts MDCAT in Pakistan?

This test was previously conducted under the supervision of King Edward Medical University then it was conducted by the University of Health Sciences Lahore from 2008 till 2020. 

Now the sole responsibility of this test has been handed over to Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

PMDC will conduct the MDCAT test in 2023 in all of Pakistan with the help of a provincial body. Here is the schedule:

Punjab:         UHS
KPK:            KMU
Sindh:           DOW University
Balochistan: Bolan University
Islamabad:     Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University

The syllabus and paper patter will be the same across the country.

How many students appear in MDCAT every year?

It is estimated that approximately 2,00,000 students will appear in this test in 2023.

Seat Distribution for MDCAT

There are 3405 open-merit seats in public medical colleges and 216 open-merit seats for public dental colleges in Punjab. 

Moreover, there are 76 seats reserved for overseas Pakistanis.

Purposes of the MDCAT test

MDCAT is aimed at serving various academic purposes related to the field of medicine in Pakistan: 

The typical objectives of MDCAT Tests are as follows:

1. Assessing Problem-Solving Abilities

Before offering enrollment to students, it is necessary for medical and dental colleges to assess their problem-solving abilities. This includes various general and particular scientific problems that students are required to solve.

2. Assessing Critical-Thinking

The second purpose of MDCAT is to test a student's critical-thinking faculty. Since scientific study, in any of its domains requires students to be critical to make discoveries and research in the field.

3. Assessing the Conceptual Understanding

In intermediate, students are told to study conceptually. It is for this reason that later on, MDCAT requires students to get their understanding of the concepts assessed. Therefore, MDCAT is intended to test the conceptual understanding of students.

Importance and scope of the MDCAT test

MDCAT is very important test for admissions in medical colleges in Pakistan. PMDC conducts this test to select valid students for medical admissions across the country.

MDCAT is important in the following ways:

1. MDCAT is not only important for universities to establish meritocracy. It is equally important for students in growing academically. 

2. MDCAT allows students to revisit and recall the concepts they have learned in their two-year intermediate degrees. 

3. MDCAT is an opportunity to reconsider your decision as to the selection of specialization field.
MDCAT awakens the critical abilities in students that not only help them in attempting the test but also in their future careers. 

4. MDCAT teaches students the art of smart study. It exposes them to their strength and weaknesses. 

5. MDCAT enhances the decision-making skills of students. Its MCQs do this enhancement.

Syllabus for National MDCAT 2023

PMDC has issued new syllabus for National MDCAT 2023. You can download MDCAT 2023 complete syllabus in pdf. Here I will briefly describe the syllabus.

The test will comprise MCQs taken from the following subjects:

1. Physics = 54 MCQs
2. Chemistry = 54 MCQs
3. Biology = 68 MCQs
4. English = 18 MCQs
5. Logical Reasoning = 06 MCQs

Total Marks of MDCAT 2023

There are 200 MCQs in the test each carrying 1 mark. So the total marks for the test are 200.

Passing marks for MDCAT

MBBS = 130/200 marks
BDS = 110/200 marks

Paper Pattern of MDCAT 2023

MDCAT is taken in the form of 200 MCQs. Luckily, there is no negative marking for attempting an MCQ wrongly.

The test is taken physically with the paper and pen method. As an example, you can see MDCAT 2022 paper in pdf.

Test duration: Time allowed

The students will be given three and a half hours ti finish the test. It means you have 210 minutes to solve 200 MCQs.

MDCAT Eligibility

A student who has secured at least 60% marks in FSc is eligible for MDCAT test.

MDCAT 2023 Important dates:

Registration:             July 10 - July 25
Exam scheduling:     8th August- 17th August
Roll no slips:            18th August - 25th August
Test Date:                 27th August

Maric Calculation

  • MDCAT 50%
  • Fsc 40% (Didn’t tell whether whole fsc or sciences)
  • Matric 10%
Additional marks will be given to Hufaaz and Special Students to appreciate them.


How to apply for MDCAT 2023

Students can apply for MDCAT by visiting the official websites of there respective test taking Universities.

To apply online for MDCAT 2023, you need to follow the instructions given below:

1. A colored photograph not older than two months.

2. A computerized National Identity Card or B-Form

3. Result card of SSC or Matriculation.

4. Result card of HSSC or Intermediate.

5. After filling the information, it will require a confirmation from you. Confirm it after rereading the information carefully.

6. Print the submitted form.

7. Submit the printed copy along with the fee at the concerned bank.

8. After a few hours of submission of fee, you will be contacted through SMS or Email and be given your Admittance Card.

9. Print the Admittance Card and take this with you when going for the test.

Preparation Tips for MDCAT Test 2023

In order to prepare for MDCAT, we are dropping some preparation tips for you, which will surely prove helpful for you in the journey:

1. Be Focused and Confident

This is the basic thing you need to achieve while preparing for MDCAT. Keep your focus on studies and do not lose your confidence. 

You are expected to meet many people who will intimidate you and try to discourage you. We advise you to not pay heed to what they say. 

Never take a long-break in studies or your focus will be diverted. Be consistent in studying!

2. Schedule Your Preparation

You should know that smart-work is better than hard-work. A lot of students fail to realize that they cannot achieve maximum marks in board exams by memorizing things all day. 

It requires tips and tricks to achieve marks and strategies to attempt the exams well. 

All you need to do in the first place is to divide your course over the available time. Prioritize the subjects and topics.

2. Go For Conceptual Study

Try to understand the concepts imparted to you about each topic. In this phase, do not hesitate to consult your concerned teacher for helping you comprehend the basic idea of every topic. 

This strategy is useful in attempting any kind of MCQ in MDCAT. 

The conceptual study is extremely important in MDCAT. Because MDCAT is essentially comprised of MCQs, each MCQ can be made in any way.

3. Practice Mock Papers

One of the useful methods of preparation is to practice mock papers. Since MDCAT is taken every year, different mock papers are available on the internet. 

You need to download those papers and start practicing them. This will groom you as to how the actual test is to be attempted. 

Read my other post for more tips for MDCAT test preparation

You can refer to many sources particularly Zahid e-Notes for accumulating mock papers. 

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