MDCAT 2019 paper PDF UHS Lahore

MDCAT 2019 tests mcqs and answer key may be helpful for you. University of Health Sciences Lahore MDCAT 2019 tests is given in PDF and you can download it below.

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MDCAT Past Papers

MDCAT papers and tests are available for all year on Zahid Notes in PDF. Now you can check August 2019 MDCAT test below.

MDCAT 2019 Papers

Below are the MCQs that appeared in 2019 MDCAT.

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Biology MCQs

1. Sarah is a chemistry student who is carrying out an experiment between alcohol and acetic acid in the laboratory. The product formed at the end of the experiment will be:

A) Glycogen and water molecules
B) Glucose and oxygen
C) An ester and water molecules
D) Glycerole and sulphuric acid

2. The finger-like infoldings which are formed by the inner membrane of mitochondria are called:

A) Ribosomes
B) Matrix
C) Porin
D) Cristae

3. The main neurotransmitter for synapses is _____________ which lie outside the central nervous system.

A) Acetylcholine
B) Acetaldehyde
C) Choline
D) Phosphatidylcholine

4. The structure present in the eukaryotic cell but absent in prokaryotic cell is:

B) Ribosomes
C) Cell Surface membrane
D) Nucleus

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