English Prepositions MCQs with solution 2nd year

[updated today] I am still preparing pdf notes for 2nd year English prepositions objective part MCQs. These are important preposition MCQs with answers for second year f.sc and F.A part 2 students.

2nd Year English MCQs

Once I was searching for quality notes of English MCQs for 2nd year but I could not find good notes. I made my own notes with a lot of hard work and struggle. These are important prepositions MCQs and notes.
2nd year English preposition MCQs pdf notes

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2nd Year English Preposition MCQs Notes

1. You should abide ______ the hostel rules. (by)

2. The Jhelum river flows__________ a lovely valley. (across)

3. He did not agree _________ you in this matter. (with)

4. It was a good __________ him to help me in time. (of)

5. This is a very good house to live __________. (in)

6. Do not laugh ______ the poor. (at)

7. He is very kind _________ animals. (to)

8. He does not care _________ me. (for)

9. He was accused___________ theft. (of)

10. He will not turn ________ my request. (down)

11. Do not boast__________ your riches. (of)

12. She is proficient __________ English. (in)

13. Take care ______ your health. (of)

14. Please abstain _____________ smoking. (from)

15. Do not jeer ___________ the poor. (at)

16. Do not be jealous ________ others. (of)

17. My friend acceded ________ my request. (to)

18. Charity begins ________ home. (at)

19. His failure was contrary ____________ his hope. (to)

20. They disposed _______ the old books. (of)

21. No one can part her ______ her husband. (with)

22. Rabia takes pride ________ her beauty. (in)

23. Can you rely _________ me in this matter? (on)

24. He is ignorant ____________ his demerits. (of)

25. He presided _________ the meeting. (over)

26. I prefer tea __________coffee. (to)

27. He is fit __________ this job. (for)

28. Beware ______ pickpockets. (of)

29. He was shivering _________ cold. (with)

30. He is blind __________ one eye. (of)

31. Ali is fond _____ playing cards. (of)

32. He repented _______ his sins. (on)

33. He did not wait ________ me. (for)

34. I am obliged ____________ you. (to)

35. He is travelling ______ road. (by)

36. The Muslims believe ____ one God. (in)

37. He is suffering _______ malaria. (from)

38. I congratulate you ___________ your success. (on)

39. It is better to write ________ in ink. (in)

40. He slighted ________ the horse. (from)

41. All were alarmed ______ the news. (at)

42. Please abstain_______ smoking. (from)

43. She is vain ________ her beauty. (in)

44. I swear _________ God. (to)

45. He is not entitled _______ this prize. (to)

46. Please listen ______ my lecture. (to)

47. I was late ________ office today. (was)

48. Do not look down _______ the poor. (upon)

49. She was leaning _________ the pillars. (against)

50. The princess was married ______ the hero. (to)

51. Please give _________ smoking. (up)

52. What is time __________ your watch. (by)

53. We must adhere ____ our beliefs. (to)

54. He prevented me ________ going there. (from)

55. He is staring _______ me. (at)

56. Have you a taste _________ music. (for)

57. Hard work is key ________ success. (to)

58. He is notorious _________ gambling. (for)

59. I am sick ___________ monotony of life. (of)

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