2nd year civics pairing scheme 2023

 This 2nd year civics pairing scheme 2023 for all Punjab boards. The paper scheme of civics is slightly different than that of 2022. This is new and fresh paper scheme 2023 for FA part 1 students. 2nd arts subjects pairing schemes have also been published on Zahid Notes.

2nd year civics paper scheme 2023

Paper schemes also called pairing schemes, are a way to understand the portion of the book which are important. The exams 2023 will be special because more conceptual questions are being asked by the examiners.

2nd year civics pairing scheme is a sketch that tells the students which part of the question paper will be made from which chapter/s. So it is good to know the paper scheme of a subject. The students can easily pick the important content from the book and prepare for the exams in an effective way.

Where can you find the civics pairing scheme for class 12?

Right here below the image. You can find a pdf file to download here. Anyhow, if you do not want a pdf file or you only need civics scheme, you can copy it here. You can copy the texts to our phone or you can take a screenshot.

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The paper scheme for class 12 for 2023 exams is as follows:


(4 MCQs from each chapter 1, 4 each and 3 MCQs from chapters  2, 3, 5, 6, each)

Short Questions

Questions No. 2: (8/12)

Chapter 1: 6 short questions
Chapter 2: 6 short questions

Questions No. 3: (8/12)

Chapter 3: 6 short questions
Chapter 4: 6 short questions

Questions No. 4: (9/13)

Chapter 5: 7 short questions
Chapter 6: 6 short questions

Long Questions

Questions No. 5 (Chapter 1-2)

Questions No. 6 (Chapter 3)

Questions No. 7 (Chapter 4)

Questions No. 8 (Chapter 5)

Questions No. 9 (Chapter 6)

Students should watch related videos on you tube for the explanation of these schemes. Our channel name  is "Zahid Notes". You will also find may helpful videos there.

Pairing scheme pdf

here is the pdf file of the 2nd year pairing scheme 2023:

2nd year civics paper scheme 2023 pdf download

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