2nd year pairing scheme 2022 physics Punjab board

I have updated this post today. The pairing scheme and paper schemes 2022 of physics for 2nd year students is now live and you can see it here on this page. Paper schemes are the best way of knowing which chapter are to be prepared in what way.

2nd year Physics pairing scheme 2022

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This scheme is valid for all Punjab boards i.e. Lahore board, Multan board, Sahiwal board, fsd board, Gujranwala board etc. 2nd year physics pairing schemes will guide you to prepare certain chapters in a specific way and give which level of importance to which chapters.

Physics scheme 2nd year 2022

The papr scheme for class 12 physics includes all chapters details of short and long questions for 2022 exams. The scheme can be downloaded in image or the texts can be copied from this page. 

The scheme helps to understand which chapter is important for 2021 exams. The details of all long and short questions have been given.

The scheme is given here.

2nd year pairing scheme 2022 physics

Question No. 1 MCQs = 17 (1 from chapter 13, 17, 20 each and 2 mcqs from chapter 12,14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21 each)

Short questions

Question No. 2 (8/12)
Chapter 12 = 4
Chapter 14 = 4
Chapter 15 = 4

Question No. 3 (8/12)
Chapter 13 = 3
Chapter 16 = 3
Chapter 17 = 3
Chapter 18 = 3

Question No. 4 (6/9)
Chapter 19 = 3
Chapter 20 = 2
Chapter 21 = 4

Long questions (Attempt ANY THREE questions from FIVE Questions)

Questions No. 5
Chapter 12 = part A
Chapter 13 = Part B

Questions No. 6
Chapter 14 = part A
Chapter 15 = Part B

Questions No. 7
Chapter 16 = part A
Chapter 18 = Part B

Questions No. 8
Chapter 17 = part A
Chapter 19 = Part B

Questions No. 9
Chapter 20 = part A
Chapter 21 = Part B

You can see the image below
2nd year pairing scheme 2022 physics punjab board

There are a lot of students from Punjab board looking for pairing scheme in pdf. This document is a single pdf file containing 2nd year all subjects pairing scheme 2022 for Punjab board 

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  1. physics ki pairing scheme wrong kuin di h sir .... Sb long questions me ch 17 aur ch 21 combine bta rhy aur ap ch 17 aur ch 19 ka

    1. sahi kaha ch 17 ka 21 sy combination hai

    2. Han yarr yahi tou confusion hae

    3. YouTube pr bhi sb bta rhy hai k is bar scheme change hoi hai chap 17 k 19 k sath h

  2. Kia ye pairing scheme bilkul sahi ha 2021 ka exams ka liye ka ni???

  3. Kia ya must ha ka chp 12 sa theory or chp 13 sa numerical hi aya ga.

  4. Sir ye bta dain k theory kis main se ani hai

    1. Theory ka nai btaya jata k kon say chapter sy ani ha or numerical ka bhi nai btaya jata

    2. Faderal board hai ya pindi board mujy faderal ki chaeiy

    3. Plzz btaa dain numerical r theory kis chptr seani hai

  5. Pairing change hoi ha is liya shhayeed chapter 17 or 19 ka ha

  6. Ye pairing scheme bilkul sahi hai

    1. Bilkul ye pairing scheme sai h