Write an Email to your friend to tell him about your new house

Nov 24, 2016

Write an Email to your friend to tell him about your new house

You have recently shifted to new home. Write to your friend to tell him about your new home. In your email, describe your new home. Also invite your friend to your new home.

To: Katrina Sandhu
Subject: I have moved to a New House

Hi Kati,

How do you do? I hope you are not wasting your time in watching movies now. Let me tell you the grand news that we have moved to a new house. Father bought this house two years ago. It was a shabby house located in Niazi Colony Amritsar. It took a year to rebuild this house. By then, I had completed my matriculation. We planned to shift to new house so that I could face no difficulty in reaching my college. Moreover, Sid has also joined a good school near our new house. Papa already do job in the Amritsar you know. So, it was a wise idea to shift to new house.

This house is really an ideal house for me. Three bedrooms, a kitchen, attached bathrooms, a store room, a corridor, double story building, a living room, a dining hall, and spacious entrance; all this is what I wished. We have planned to celebrate the moving next Sunday. You are invited on this celebration. I have already invited some of our mutual friends. We all will have fun and feast. 

Bring your camera along. Also bring Airtel Dongle device along. We are going to make some videos to be posted on Facebook.

Jenifer Sandhu

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