A visit to a Small Planet Play Notes

A Visit to a Small Planet Play Notes

Here are the notes and important questions for the First year Play a Visit to a small planet.

Here are the notes for 

First Year English Book III all solved questions of all plays 

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A Visit to a Small Planet

Q.1. What is the purpose of visit of Kreton? (imp)
Ans: As Kreton says the purpose of his visit is to take the charge of the world He also wants to study the culture of the earthen people.

Q.2. How did Kreton impress General Powers? (imp)
Ans: Kreton impresses General Powers with extraordinary powers. He reads the thinking of human minds. He builds an invisible wall around his ship. It is also an impressive thing that he has come to take over the charge of the world single-handed.

Q.3. What is the role of General Powers in the play? (imp)
Ans: General Powers is the powerful chief of National Guard. His duty is to protect his country from foreign invasion. He doubts the Kreton to be a spy and wants to arrest him. He tries to overpower him but stands powerless before Kreton.

Q.4. Draw a character sketch of Ms. Spelding.
Ans: Mrs. Spelding is a simple and loving lady. She has no interest in national and international affairs. She becomes worried when the spaceship lands right on her rose-garden. She asks John to ask Kreton to remove his spaceship from there.

Q.5. What type of life do you foresee in 5000? (imp)
Ans: The life in 5000 would be highly scientific. People may have the ability to read others’ minds. Space journey will be common. Along with all this progress, there will be a decline of moral values.

Q.6. How damaging is violence in life? Write five sentences.
Ans: Violence is destructive in every respect. It gives birth to terrorism. It breeds a sense of fear in the people. It destroys peace and order of the society. It is the mother of all wars.

Q.7. How does Kreton prove his extraordinary powers? (imp)
Ans: Kreton is a wonderful creature.  He proves his extraordinary powers in various ways. He tells that he has come to take over the charge of the world. He reads the minds of the people. He creates a shield around him and his spaceship. He knows all the languages of the world.

Q.8. What is the theme of Kreton’s study?
Ans: Kreton’s visit to earth is study-based. He wants to study the life and lifestyle of earthen people. He is especially interested in the study of the current phase of human civilization.

Extra questions

Q.9. What does General powers accuse Kreton of?
Ans: He accuses Kreton of being a spy for another country or planet.

Q.10. Who is John? What does he do? (Any question about John)
Ans: John is a boyfriend of Ellen, the daughter of Mr. Spelding. He is a farm owner. He grows English walnuts there. Mr. Spelding does not like him for lazy nature. He loves Ellen and both want to marry.

Q.11. Who is Ellen? OR Write a note on Ellen.
Ans: Ellen is a young girl of twenty. She is the daughter of Mr. Spelding. She is a devoted lover of John, a farm owner. She is vocal and well-read.

Q.12. What are views of Kreton about Earthen people? OR Why does Kreton call earthen people ‘the poor fragile butterflies’?

Ans: Kreton thinks that the earthen people are very weak before his own people. He says that earthen people have to die one day. We have no control over time. So, he calls the earthen people poor fragile butterflies.

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