Syllabus breakdown for Govt School Nursery to 5

Educational Calendar for Govt Schools

Here are syllabus breakdown and educational calendar for all govt schools class nursery to 5th.

This ready-made template that shows month-wise division of syllabus for govt syllabus of the nursery to class 5. Now you can download and apply this schedule in your school to manage your content and time. This month-wise content division for Govt Primary schools. 

Syllabus for Nursery Class

Here are the syllabus breakdown month-wise for nursery class

Now this is just image and you can download this educational calendar for all classes for Zahid E Notes. This Website is run by Saif Ullah Zahid

Saif Ullah Zahid

PDF Download Educational calendar for all classes

Month-wise Syllabus Breakdown for Nursery class

Month-wise Syllabus Breakdown for One class

Month-wise Syllabus Breakdown for Two class

Month-wise Educational calendar for Three class

Month-wise educational calendar for Four class

Month-wise Syllabus Breakdown for Five class

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