1st year biology full book complete notes PDF

This post is being updated on a regular basis. 1st year biology short questions notes will be given here in this page once they are prepared and converted into PDF. You will see a link to download the notes in PDF. I am still preparing these notes. You will get it as soon as they are final.

1st year Biology Complete notes PDF

Zahid notes provide quality notes to our students and teachers community. So, please be assured that the notes that you will get are of good quality. I will update the download link in 2 or 3 days. This is our passion to serve to our students and teachers. Please notes that these biology short questions notes are for Punjab boards only. boards of Sindh and KPK are not included.

1st year biology notes and all subjects notes for 1st year

Now finally, the wait is over. I have updated here the link to download the notes. Please note that these are complete notes of biology for 1st year, FSc part 1. These notes include the following:

1. Chapter-wise short questions
2. Additional short questions from every chapter
3. Long questions of all chapters
4. Important definitions from all chapters

But there are no MCQs here in this file. But don't worry. I have already uploaded 1st year biology chapter wise MCQs with answers. You can download those notes too.

1st year Short Questions notes pdf download

Yes, you can see that All important short questions from exercise of every chapter are given. Additional short questions from all chapters are given for maximum preparation of the students.

You can also download 1st year Biology full book complete notes in pdf here are Zahid Notes

1st year biology Long questions notes chapter wise

I have already told you that these are complete and all in one notes for FSc part 1 or 1st year. So, you can download these notes free. The download button is given below the image. Simply click on the download and the file will start downloading in pdf.

1st year biology notes pdf download

Download the following notes of FSc part 1 biology:

You should download the following notes as well:

6. 1st year all subjects PDF notes

Please keep visiting this page for biology notes. I am preparing good notes for you.

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