Urdu to Farsi (persian) translation sentences

Below is the link to the PDF notes for 1st year Farsi (Persian). I am preparing all notes for 1st year Farsi but here are the notes for sentence translation from Urdu to Persian (Farsi) for XI class that is 1st year and Intermediate part I.

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Urdu to Farsi (Persian) sentences solved

Now if you are looking for some sentences in Urdu that are translated in Persian (Farsi) than you are on the right place. I have prepared all 1st year notes in PDF here. Choose your own notes form Zahid Notes and download it here.

Urdu To Farsi sentence translation

Below is Urdu to Persian translation sentences solved notes for 1st year.
Urdu to farsi tranlation sentences for 1st year

Download Urdu to Farsi Sentences Notes

Now If you have a look at my website and browse all the notes, you can find almost all subjects notes for 1st year. See the following PDF note for you and your students:

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