Our National Flag Essay Pakistan

I am writing a lot of short essays for kids of primary level. This on is also the part of this series of ten lines essays. If you want five sentences about Our Flag, you can pick the 1st five sentences and leave the rest. These are ten lines and ten sentences on Our National Flag. Just copy and past these lines any where or get the print of this page to give handouts to your students.

Our Nationa Flag Essay

I have also written a good length essay on Our National Flag for grade 4 to 7 students. You may go to that essay if you are looking for an essay for class 5 or above. This one is for the children of class 1, class 2, class 3 and class 4.

Ten sentences on Nationa Flag

Below are the ten lines on the topic, Our national flag in the context of Pakistani Flag.

1. This is a Flag.

2. It is the National Flag of my Country, Pakistan.

3. It has two colours; the green and the white.

4. The white colour is one-fourth of the flag.

5. The green colour represents Muslims.

6. The white colour represents Non-Mulims.

7. It has a crescent and a star.

8. It was designed by Ameer-ud-Din Kidwai.

9. I display it at my house.
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