My watch short English essay

Here is an essay on 'My wristwatch". This is a short but beautiful essay for class 1, and class 2 students. This an easy 10 sentences essay for primary classes. The essay "My Watch" is just a short essay and a paragraph. My favourite watch essay has been written by Zahid Notes. This is my wrist watch.

My wrist watch essay

This is a wrist watch. 

This is my watch. 

It is made of plastic and silver.

It has a beautiful chain.

It keeps correct time.

It is a digital watch.

It is a birthday gift from my father.

It has a big digital display screen.

I wear it on my wrist.

I love my watch.

My wristwatch short paragraph

This is my wristwatch. It is a birthday gift. It has a plastic case and a leather belt. It an analog watch. It has three hands. It has 12 markings. It is made in Pakistan. It keeps correct time. It has made me punctual and regular. It tells me if it is time to play or to study. It is my best companion which keeps me on time. I like it very much.

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