B.A English Correction of Sentences

B.A English Sentences correction exercises are available on Zahid Notes. Now I have Uploaded all English notes for B.A part 2 in PDF. You can download these notes from here.

540 sentences are included in this PDF file. These sentences have appeared in Past B.A papers of Punjab University. These sentences are grammatically incorrect. You have to find the mistakes and make them correct.

B.A English Grammar Rules

The grammar rules for B.A quite complicated. You can learn these rules with a simple B.A English guide of any professor. Here I have given a list of incorrect sentences and you can do practice by correcting them, I am here to help you with this. You can join me on live programs on youtube and facebook to help you understand where the mistakes are.

Important exercises for Sentence Correction

The list includes 540 sentences. You can search in Google by typing 540 B.A Correction sentences by Saif Ullah Zahid. Now, first of all, download these sentences in PDF and try to solve them.

B.A English Grammar Rules PDF

Download PDF

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Download the following too:
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