1st year Urdu Applications Notes

Here are important Applications notes for 1st year and also download the pdf file from here. The notes in PDF are given below. I have also published 1st year Urdu complete notes in PDF earlier this month and the people are constantly looking for some good notes. But again, the quality notes which you may see on some website are protected and cannot be downloaded which is frustrating for the students.

1st Year Urdu Applications Notes

Now see if you search the above heading in Google, this post comes in the top because it offers what it says. You can surely download the application notes below with a single click. The link will open the file saved in my Google drive and from there, you can download it.

The other websites that are FSc online, ratta pk, free ilm, classnotes, Ilm ki dunya, Be Educated etc do have the Urdu notes but I am not sure they will allow you to download them in PDF.

Also download 1st year Urdu solved past papers pdf

1st year Urdu Important Applications

Here is the list of evergreen important applications for 1st year.
1. Application for fee concession in Urdu
2. Application for grant of scholarship
3. Application for college leaving certificate
4. Application for remission of fine
5. Application for Readmission
6. Application to the chairman of Educational Board for issuance of Certificate
7. Application to the Postmaster for a lost postal order
8. Application to the educationa minister of the chief minister to open a girls college in your area
9. Application to District health officer informing poor sanitation conditions in your locality
10. Application to the Health officer for starting a dispensary in your locality
11. Application to DCO for providing your employment/job

Download Notes in PDF

For here now, list have been linked to some posts where you can also read a single application. The links have both Urdu and English versions of the applications. The reason why I have also written applications one in each separate post is that many students and teachers just type the name of the application in search engines to read it alone. They are looking for a single specific application. So, I have made it possible for them to access it as a single one.

meanwhile here are some more resources for you to see:

4. How to attempt 11th class Urdu paper

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