10th class English Direct indirect Notes pdf download

Here I have explained the Direct and Indirect speech rules with exercises and answers in Urdu. You can download these notes for 10th class Direct Indirect rules and practice with Urdu explanation in PDF. So, this is the notes for 10th class English grammar rules for direct and indirect speech.

10th class English direct and Indirect Speech Notes

Many students are asking for the English grammar notes for 10th class. Although 10th class English complete notes in PDF are available on this website, yet the notes for direct and indirect speech were missing and now I have uploaded these notes in PDF here.

The rules for changing direct speech into indirect speech are given and explained in Urdu. There are many exercises and the answers are given below every exercise. So, in this way, these are complete comprehensive notes for 10th class English grammar.

10th class English Grammar direct and indirect rules in Urdu

I have explained the rules for changing a direct speech into an indirect speech in Urdu and given many examples in English. There are sentences for practice and also many example sentences included. The complete direct and indirect notes are given in pdf. 

All types of sentences are covered like all tenses, optative sentences, exclamatory sentences, universal truth, imperative sentences, etc are discussed in these notes.

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Direct Indirect Notes for 10th class pdf download

Here is the pdf file that is given below the image. The download button is given. Click on the download button to download the file in pdf.

10th class direct indirect speech rules notes in Urdu pdf

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