General Knowledge Book for Playgroup to Nursery classes in Urdu and English

Here are the notes for Nursery, prep and Playgroup students These notes have been made with the aim of providing free teaching and learning material to the students and the teachers. This is a booklet and contains the General knowledge questions for Preschool kids of age 3 years, 4 years, and 5 years. 

General Knowledge Questions for Nursery class in Pakistan

These notes have been prepared to keep in view the situation and the education system in Pakistan. The booklet contains the easy questions answers on the following topics:
  • Daily Life
  • Shopping
  • Transport
  • Stars and Planets 
  • Seasons and Time
  • Sports and games
  • Birds and Animals
  • Parts of Human Body
  • Professions
  • About Pakistan
  • Eating
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Concepts
  • Computer
  • Meeting manners
  • Eating Etiquettes
  • Islamic Study Questions
And some other topics and mix questions. 

General Knowledge for Kids age 4 to 6 years in Urdu

Now let me tell you that the booklet has 2 main parts: the English Medium and the Urdu medium parts. The English medium part contains the other knowledge and the Urdu medium part contains questions about Islamic study and Islamic manners and religion. So, this is the best GK book in PDF for playgroup, nursery, and Prep and KG class.

General Knowledge Questions book for Kids in PDF Pakistan

This book was designed as an effort to provide quality education to the students of a school. But then it was decided to make it publically available so that other schools and teachers should benefit from the book. You can download the complete book in PDF from the button given below the image.

nursery general knowledge quetions answer pdf download in Pakistan

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  1. Assalam o Alaikum brother I need general knowledge for beginners for school so please remove signature because I want to print out for my kids.kindly send me the pdft without signature..

  2. Amazing and informative for young ones...