10th class Tarjuma tul Quran paper pattern, syllabus, model paper

 Now you can download 10th class Tarjuma tul Quran model paper here. These model papers tell you about the exact paper pattern of tarjuma tul Quran class 10. 10th class Tarjuma tul Quran syllabu is also discussed in this post.

10th class Tarjuma tul Quran model paper pattern

10th class model paper class 10 and the paper pattern are the same. The purpose of given model papers is to see the paper pattern. We will discuss Tarjuma tul Quran syllabus, paper pattern and Model paper here.

You will download model papers from the download link given below. You can also download 10th class Tarjuma tul Quran book in pdf.

Zahid Notes provides latest educational content for the students. You can now download tarjuma tul Quran model paper in pdf here.

10th class Tarjuma tul Quran Syllabus

Here is the syllabus of 10th class Tarjuma tul Quran given below:

10th class tarjuma tul quran syllabus 2024

There are 15 Surah of Holy Quran in 10th class syllabus. The students will be given papers from these Surahs.

Translation will be give from  Surah Alanaam, Surah Alaraaf, Surah Alnahal, Surah Bani Israeel, Surah tul Kahaf, Surah tul Momenoon, Surah tuZumar, Surah tushoraa. 

10th class Tarjuma Tul Quran paper pattern

10th class Tarjuma Tul Quran paper consists of 50 total marks. 10th class Tarjuma tul Quran paper has a total 5 questions. The 1st question will be MCQs taken from full book.

The other paper the pattern is as follows:

Q.1. MCQs: (10 Marks)

There will be 10 MCQs as follows:

10 MCQs from all chapters. 1 mark for every MCQ and a total of 10 marks.

Q.2. Short Questions (10 marks)

There will be 8 short questions given from all Surahs included in the syllabus. There are no rules for taking a specific number of questions from every Surah. 

You can get full marks in this question if you prepare only short questions given in exercises. Anyhow you may still want the list of important short questions. For this, please see 10th class Tarjum tul Quran guess paper 2024.

From the given 8 short questions, the students will have to answer only 5 questions. Every answer has 2 marks. So the total marks of this question are 10.

Q.3. Words meanings (5 marks)

There will be 8 words in Arabic taken from 10th class Tarjuma tul Quran book. The students will write Urdu meanings of any 5 words. Every meaning carries 1 mark. So, the total marks for this question are 5.

Q.4. Translation (15 marks)

There will be 5 short Ayats (or pieces of Atayts) taken from all Surahs. The students will have to translate any 3 of these pieces of Ayats into Urdu. 

5 marks from every translation passage making a total of 15 marks for this question.

Q.5. Write a note (10 marks)

The students will have to write a not on the introduction, theme, topic and subjects of any Surah from the Given two. So, this question has 100% choice. A model paper is also given below for more clarification.

The length of this answer should be around 3-4 pages.

10th class Tarjuma tul Quran model paper

This model paper is given at the end of the Trajuma tul Quran book. You cam download the model paper in pdf below.

This model paper serves as the paper pattern, paper scheme syllabus. So the students can have a look at the model paper download in pdf.

10th class tarjuma tul Quran pdf download

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