Write a letter to your father requesting him to change your school

Write a letter to your father requesting him to permit your change your school. Also give reasons for doing so.

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City)
December 07, 2016

Dear father,
Many thanks for your letter. I am working hard at my lessons but I doubt whether I shall be able to make any progress in this school. As a matter of fact, I am not happy here. No doubt it was once a good school but the things have changed since the transfer of headmaster. Discipline has slackened. The boys openly defy their teachers. Most of the teachers are inexperienced and cannot control the classes. There is a rise in withdrawal ratio of the school. Even my best friends have left this school for similar reasons.
In these circumstances, I must leave this school. The Grand King School is a popular institution. It has shown excellent results during the last several years. I hope you will kindly permit me to join this school.

Waiting for your kind response,
Your loving son,
Waseem Shehzad

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