Birthday letter to sister from brother

Birthday Letter to Sister from Brother

This letter has been written by a brother to his sister on her birthday. The letter reflects the love of a brother for his sister. This is a sample letter. You may follow this pattern to write informal letters.

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A Birthday Letter for my Sister

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A.B.C (city)
June 13, 2018

Dear Sister,
I know this is your birthday, the day when the most beautiful sister was gifted to me by God. This is a very special day for me. On this day, I remember God for His benevolence upon me. I remember this day because this day brought me the sense of the reality of being a brother. I felt a pleasant brotherly warmth inside my heart when I first met you in the hospital. You were, then, as cute as you are today.

My dearest sister, as always, I am confused what gift should I buy that is valuable enough to express my love for you. After a long consideration, I have bought a surprise for you. I hope you will like it. I want to see your expressions when you open it yourself.

I am happy on this occasion. I have always tried to make your every birthday a special one. I congratulate you on your birthday. I thank you and God for completing 21 years of this wonderful company.

From the warmth of my heart,
You brother,
Saif Ullah Zahid(name)

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