Letter to friend to lend you his watch

Write a letter to a friend to request her to lend you his watch for some time. Borrow your friend's watch for some time. Our Secondary School examinations begin tomorrow morning. My watch is out of order. Please lend me your watch.

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Letter to Friend for the loan of watch

House No. 45,
A, Block, Johar Town,
July 15, 2018

My Dear Asad,

My examinations are going to start on the 15th of this month. You know I had lost my watch in Ali's marriage ceremony. I could not buy a new one due to financial restraints. Now I have no watch. It will be very difficult for me to do without a watch during the examination days.

I tried to borrow the watch of my cousin but that was out of order. I cannot buy a new watch so urgent. Kindly lend me your watch for a week. I shall return it to you as soon as my exams are over. Please send it by Fatima when she visits your home on Friday instant.

Thanking you in anticipation,
Ahmad Raza

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