Guess papers for class 10th All Punjab Boards and AJK- Secret to A+ Grade

Guess papers for class 10th  for all boards of Punjab and AJK, for all subjects are given form of an E-book. This e-book contains the guess for all subjects of class 10th. 
The booklet is for the following boards.

1. Lahore Board (BISE Lahore)2. Gujranwala Board3. Sargodha Board4. Multan Board5. Faisalabad Board6. Sahiwal Board7. Bahwalpur Board8. D.G. Khan Board9. Rawalpindi Board10. Kashmir Board

The story of this Booklet:

First time published in 2014, “Secret of A+ Grade” achieved great popularity. It was then a free product. After publishing on January 3, 2014, we were able to distribute only 271 copies to till the end of April 2014. The till the end of December 2014, the number of delivered copies was 912. As we set a price for the booklet, it sold for Rs. 200 per copy. During 2015, we were able to sell 2617 copies. And from January 2016, We have already sold 3421 copies of the booklet. We have made some changes in the edition of 2017. We plan to sell 50k copies for the year 2017.

About this Guess paper

This is an electronic (PDF) copy of guess paper for class 10th All Punjab Boards and AJK boards. The booklet is only in English medium. We have compiled this book with great care and consideration. Four specialists have spent months to produce this booklet. This booklet covers the important questions that are sure to appear in class 10th exams 2017. The booklet covers the following subjects:

1. Math (only Science group)
2. English
3. Chemistry
4. Biology
5. Physics
6. Computer
7. Urdu
8. PAK Studies
9. Islamic Studies

This electronic book, which is actually a PDF file, can be read on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and even on desktop. So, you don’t need to carry it with you like paper books. You can read this any time and everywhere.

Why you should buy this book?

Well interesting question…! Total of 6950 copies of this book has been sold. 80% of our students got above 70% marks. Rest 20% remained above 50%. Not a single student failed in exams. Almost more than 70% paper questions in final exams of 2014, came from our guess. We revised the edition in 2015 and the result was amazing: about 80% of the paper content was present in our guess. That was a great achievement. The same result was found in the year 2016.
Now we are sure of going 80% + in 2017. We collect feedback from our students who buy this E-book. The feedback is analyzed and graphical presentations are prepared which illustrate the success of this E-book. Please see the following charts۔

So, if you want to get A+ grade in final exams of 2017, this guess paper is the only thing you need. Don’t stuff your brain with too much stuff. Just get your copy and prepare for your exams. If you are able to learn all questions present in this e-book, I assure you of A+ grade. Many students who were not well prepared for the exams and they were not sure what to do and when they got this book on time, what would have happened? They just concluded that in this short time, only these questions can be learnt. They even didn’t learn all the question and still got over 700 marks. They were amazed as if they had got the exact question paper-not a guess. Some people even doubted us of having the paper leaked. Well, they even don’t know that we publish this guess paper before the papers are made. And accessing the original paper is not an easy task.
Opening this booklet, you will see that all the previous board papers came from this guess. So, we are sure of the same thing this year too.

How to use this Guess paper?

You can use this book in your any electronic device that can read PDF file. You cannot resell this book to other people. Although you can share this copy with your friend and fellow students, you will tell them where you found this book.  You cannot use this e-book for commercial purpose. This electronic copy is digitally signed. So misusing it may create problems for you.
After getting this book, you don’t need to be book worm. Just learn only the questions present in this guess and be satisfied.  This is the one and only unique guess papers. This is the most trustworthy guess that is offered in Pakistan. Just get your copy and be relaxed. All we guarantee that you will get A+ grade if you are able to learn all question in the book. 

What our previous students say?

Read the following screenshot of feedback which our customers have submitted to us on our feedback community page.

How will you get this booklet?

Very simple but Trusted. Just fill out his simple form. You will receive instructions in your inbox. Make a payment to your nearest Allied Bank (online deposit) and we will Email you your copy. OR you can send us money via Easy Pesa, Mobicash, or U Paisa (if you have accounts of these). OR you can send us payment via credit card (easy online transfer).
All the instructions and order farm are available on order page.

Order this booklet for Rs. 500 Only

Note: currently this book is offline. We are making some changes. The book will be available till the end of December 2017. Anyhow you can book your copy. We will deliver to you when it is completed.

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