Format and style of writing personal letters

This post shows you how to write informal/ personal letters. You will learn to write an informal OR personal letter with correct format and style. Informal letters are written to relatives and friends.

Here is the general structure of an informal letter.

The Heading ( The address of writer)

The salutation (informal greetings like Hi, hello friend, My dear son etc)
Body of Letter

Complimentary close (informal expressions at the end)

Here are the common salutations and closing of letters to friends and family.

1. For older relatives

Greetings: My dear father/mother ----------- Ending: Your affectionate son/daughter
Greetings: My dear uncle/aunt ---------------Ending: Your loving nephew/niece
Greetings: My dear brother--------------------Ending: Your loving brother

2. For younger relatives

Greetings: Dear Ali (younger brother) -------- Ending: Your affectionate brother/sister/uncle etc

3. For friends

Greetings: Dear Ali (intimate friend) ----------- Ending: Yours sincere friend
Greetings: Dear sir (acquaintances)  -------------Ending: Yours faithfully/truly
Greetings: My dear Mr. Ali (older friend of superior rank)------Ending: Yours sincerely

Note: Students writing friendly letters to their teachers of professors should always address them as My dear Mr. NAME. Use "Yours sincerely" OR "Yours faithfully" to close the letter.

Here are more closing expressions:
sincerely yours
cordially yours
devotedly yours
truly yours

Things to remember:

  1. Informal letters are not business letters. They are different from professional or formal letters
  2. The language of personal letters is casual and conversational
  3. Write can express his/her thoughts in a relaxed tone
  4. A personal letter can include other details than the purpose it is written for

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