The difference between a business letters and a personal letters

Many people are confused about the business letters and personal letters. The difference lies between their structure and language. Students are asked to write a letter in exams. Professionals write business letters. All of us, in fact, have to write to others in one or the other way. Although Emails are taking place the letters, yet letter writing is no outdated thing. Individuals, institutions, business firms, companies and offices write letters for various purposes.
In this post, I am going to explain the difference between formal and informal letters. (OR business and personal letters)

Business letters

  1. They are written to an individual, an authority, an office, an institution, or a company
  2. They are written for business purposes
  3. Their language is formal and professional - not casual
  4. They are strictly relevant to the purpose they are written for - they do not include irrelevant details
  5. They are specific, brief and error free

Personal Letters

  1. They are written to friends, family, relatives and acquaintances
  2. They are written for exchange of information, messages, and thoughts
  3. Their language is informal, casual, and conversational
  4. They may include other details than the purpose they are written for
  5. They may include extra details, expressions of feelings etc

There is not much difference between the structure of the both types of letters. Here is how business letters differ from personal letters.

Both types of letters follow the following structure

1- (Heading)
2- (Name, designation and address of receiver)
3- (Subject / topic of letter)
4- (Greetings/salutation) 
5- (Body of letter)
6- (Complimentary close)
7- (Name and designation of sender)

Important Note:

  1. Heading: includes the name, and the address of sender
  2. Part No. 2 (name and address of receiver) is not included in personal letter because the sender already know the address of receiver
  3. Part No. 3 (subject/topic of letter) is not included in personal letters. It is only for business letters
  4. The salutations may be different for business and personal letters
  5. The complimentary close may be different for business and personal letters
  6. Name and designation of sender is for business letters - only name is enough in personal letters
You can separately check the structure of personal letters and format of business letters in separate posts.

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