Important long questions of physics 10 class 2024

Zahid notes have published 10th class physics English medium guess paper of long questions. Here are chapterwise important long questions of physics class 10. 

Now you can download these important long questions in PDF format. The guess is for the year 2024 and onward.

Important Long Questions of Physics 10th class

The students who have short time for the preparation of exams can see these important questions. 10th class physics important questions has been given for 2024 exams in punjab board.


10th class physics important long questions and numericals 2024

Chapterwise importan questions physics 10 class

Here are important long questions of physics class 10 2024. This is the list of important questions from every chapter for exams 2024 for all punjab board.

Chapter 10

1. Explain the S.H.M by mass attached spring within its conditions.
2. Discuss the types of waves.
3. Explain the properties of waves.
4. Problems/numericals: 1,2,4,9,10.

Chapter 11

1. Importance of acoustic protection
2.Write importance of ultrasound.
3. problems/numerical:  2,9

Chapter 12

1.Attempt all numerical problems except 6,7.
2. Examples are 2,3,4 examples are important.

Chapter 13

1.Write different types of capacitors.
2.write hazards of electricity.
3. All numericals are important
Examples of numericals= 1, 2

Chapter 14

1.Explain joul,s law and ohm law.
2.Factors affecting the resistance?
3.What are the hazards of electricity and its safety measures in homes?
4.write methods of combination of resistors.

Chapter 15

1.Transformer and its types.

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

1. Components of CBIS.briefly explain.
2. Compare the cell phone and photophones.
3. Write applications of computer word processing.
4. What are risk of ict towards society and the environment?
5.What are information storage devices.

Chapter 18

1.Write uses of radioisotopes.
2.What are hazards of radiations and its preventive measures.
3. Numerical problems 1,2,3,4,5,9 examples 1,

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