Pair of Words and Homophones with use in sentences (For 10th class and First year)

Here is the list of popular homophones and paired words. Every word has also Urdu meaning and sentence to give clear understanding to the students. This post can be searched in google with following keywords.

  1. Pair of words for Matric students
  2. The pair of words for 10th class BISE Lahore.
  3. Pair of words for Intermediate BISE Lahore
  4. The pair of words for F.A F.Sc for BISE Lahore.
  5. A list of common homophones
  6. Homophones used in sentences
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These pair of words or homophones are included in the syllabus of English of 10th class Lahore Board. So, the students of class 10 can use them as notes for covering their syllabus. The first part contains the important homophones and pair of words only for 10th class while the second part includes some other important words that are the part of the syllabus for First Year BISE Lahore.

The 10th class students will learn the only first part. The students of First Year will have to learn the second part too. 

The students of other classes, boards and countries can take these notes just to learn the use of homophones and pair of words.

PART-I (both for 10th and 11th classes)

1. Accept قبول کرنا، منظور کرنا I accept your proposal.
    Except سوائے All were present except Zaffar.
2. Affect اثر کرنا Too much drug intake will affect your health
    Effect اثر My words have no effect on him.
3. Access رسائی I have no access to his room.
    Excess زیادتی Excess of everything is bad.
4. Alter بدلنا The nature of God never alters.
    Altar قربان گاہ He died at the altar of love.
5. Angel فرشتہ Angels are heavenly beings.
    Angle زاویہ Draw an angle of 30 degrees.
6. Bale گٹھا He carried a bale of cotton.
    Bail ضمانت He was released on bail.
7. Beside متصل، ساتھ He stood beside her father.
    Besides علاوہ I know Arabic besides English.
8. Birth پیدائش I don’t know my date of birth.
    Berth ریل میں سونے کی جگہ The lower berth is reserved for me.
9. Bridle لگام I bought a bridle for my horse.
    Bridal عروسی She is putting on her bridal dress.
10. Break توڑنا I cannot break this stick.
      Brake بریک Apply the brake and stop the car.
11. Canon اصول We should follow the canons of morality.
      Cannon توپ A cannon was fired.
12. Canvass ووٹ لینا I canvass for votes.
      Canvas ولائتی کپڑا My shoes are made of canvas.
13. Cast پھینکنا I cast the net to catch fish.
      Caste ذات Hindus have many castes.
14. Cattle مویشی The cattle are grazing in the fields.
      Kettle ہنڈیا Place the kettle on the fire.
15. Sell بیچنا I cannot sell my watch.
      Cell کوٹھڑی He was locked up in a cell.
16. Check پڑتال کرنا Please check my accounts.
      Cheque چیک He issued a cheque for Rs. 100.
17. Cite حوالہ دینا He cited the verses of Holy Quran.
      Sight منظر His eye sight is weak.
      Site مقام This is the best site for opening a school.
18. Course راستہ You have adopted a wrong course.
      Coarse کھردرا He is dressed in coarse clothes.
19. Corpse لاش A corpse was seen floating in the river.
      Corps رسالہ He is the member of college sports corps.
20. Dairy دودھ مکھن کا کارخانہ I buy milk from the dairy farm.
      Diary ڈائری I write every event in my diary.
21. Devise تجویز کرنا He devised a plan.
      Device تجویز It is a strange device.
22. Dose دوائی کی خوراک I take one dose of medicine early in the morning.
      Doze اونگھنا He always dozes in the class.
23. Dual دوہرا We sit on dual desks.
      Duel دو آدمیوں کی لڑائی Ali and Ahmad fought a duel.
24. Eligible مستحق He is not eligible for this post.
      Illegible ناصاف تحریر He has an illegible handwriting.
25. Fair میلہ A fair is held near our village.
      Fare کرایہ He paid the railway fare.
26. Feet پاؤں I have two feet.
      Feat کرتب Everyone liked the juggler’s feats.
27. Floor فرش Do not sit on the floor.
      Flour آٹا Bread is made of flour.
28. Foul گندا، بدبودار The drain is giving out foul smell.
      Fowl مرغ، پرندہ He keeps fowls in his house.
29. Gate دروازہ We entered through the gate.
      Gait چال She has a graceful gait.
30. Hale تند رست He is quite hale and hearty.
      Hail اولے It hails in hills.
31. Hare خرگوش The hare runs very fast.
      Hair بال She has curly hair.
32. Healthful صحت افزاء، صحت بخش Milk is a healthful food.
      Healthy صحت مند He is a healthy boy.
33. Hole سوراخ The snake came out of a hole.
      Whole تمام Tell me the whole story.
34. Human انسان We are human beings.
      Humane رحمدل Helping the poor is a humane act.
35. Idle بیکار Do not sit idle.
      Idol بت Hindus worship idols.
36. Lesson سبق I gave him a bitter lesson.
      Lessen کم کرنا Your letter has lessened my grief.
37. Lion شیر The lion is the king of beasts.
      Loin کمر Gird up your loin for the final exams.
38. Lose کھونا، ہارنا If you work too hard, you will lose your health.
      Loose کھولنا، ڈھیلا Loose the knot, please.
39. Marry شادی کرنا She married a rich man.
      Merry خوش ہونا Eat, drink and be merry.
40. Meet ملنا Where did you meet him?
      Meat گوشت Meat is served in every hotel of Pakistan.
41. Medal تمغہ He won a gold medal.
      Meddle دخل دینا Do not meddle with my affairs.
42. Metal دھات Gold is a precious metal.
      Mettle دلیری He showed his mettle in the fight.
43. Minor نا بالغ She is a minor girl.
      Miner کان کن A miner works in a mine.
44. Pain درد I feel pain in my arm.
      Pane شیشہ He broke a windowpane.
45. Peace امن Tolerance is the key to peace.
      Piece ٹکڑا Give me a piece of chalk.
46. Practice مشق Practice makes one perfect.
      Practise مشق کرنا You should practise this exercise.
47. Pour ڈالنا Pour some water into the jug.
      Pore مسام Our body has pores.
48. Principal پرنسپل The principal of the college is on leave.
      Principle اصول He is a man of principle.
49. Profit نفع He earned huge profit in that deal.
      Prophet پغمبر Prophets convey Allah’s message to human being.
50. Pray دعا مانگنا We pray to God for help.
      Prey شکار ہونا He fell a prey to malaria.
51. Respectful ادب کرنے والہ He is always respectful to his teachers.
      Respectable معزز All the teachers are respectable.
52. Root جڑ All trees have roots.
      Route راستہ The land route is safer than sea route.
53. Sole جوتے کا تلہ Mend the sole of my shoe.
      Soul روح The soul is immortal.
54. Stationary ساکن The earth is not stationary.
      Stationery تحریر کا سامان I bought stationery for the office.
55. Story کہانی It is an interesting story.
      Storey مکان کی منزل He lives on the upper storey.
56. Tail دم The rat has long tail.
      Tale کہانی He related an interesting tale.
57. Vale وادی The world is a veil of sorrows.
      Veil نقا ب Women wear veil in Saudi Arabia.
58. Waste ضائع کرنا Do not waste your time.
      Waist کمر The band is round his waist.
59. Weak کمزور He has a weak health.
      Week ہفتہ A week has seven days.
60. Yoke بیلوں کا جوڑا He has a yoke of oxen.
      Yolk انڈے کی زردی The yolk of egg is nourishing food.

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