Pair of Words for First Year Students complete notes only important included

Here are the pair of words for  First year students of BISE Lahore and Other boards of Punjab. The list includes only important words and I am sure if the students only learn these pairs, they can get full marks in this question. You can reach this post by searching following keywords in Google.
  1. Pair of words for Matric students
  2. The pair of words for 10th class BISE Lahore.
  3. Pair of words for Intermediate BISE Lahore
  4. The pair of words for F.A F.Sc for BISE Lahore.
  5. A list of common homophones
  6. Homophones used in sentences
You can see complete notes and you can download it from the link at the end. 

This list is only for first year students. I have made a list of 100 important pairs of words for First Year students. The following are only 61-100 from them. You should also see 1-60 pair of words which are also for class 10 for a complete list. So, I have also divided them into part (Part 1 and Part 2). Part 1 is for both 10th and 11th classes while Part 2 is only for 11th class. If you are in class 10, you dont need to learn the following list. Just learn only Part 1 which contains only 60 pairs of words and all those are important.

PART-II (only for 1st year)

61. Accident حادثہ    He lost his leg in an accident.
      Incident واقعہ    The death of his mother is the most tragic incident of his life.
62. Adopt  اختیار کرنا    He has adopted a son.
      Adapt مطابقت اختیار کرن Adapt yourself to the new circumstances.
63. Apposite موزوں    His remarks are quite apposite to the occasion.
      Opposite مخالف          We belong to opposite camps.
64. Artful چالاک     I do not like his artful ways.
      Artificial مصنوعی       This is artificial silk.
65. Artist فنکار     Asad Khan was a famous artist.
      Artisan دستکار    The artisans brought their work pieces to the exhibition.
66. Able قابل     Tariq is an able doctor.
      Capable اہل         She is a capable housewife.
67. Calendar کیلینڈر      Death has no calendar.
      Calender مشینی ابتری کرنا The cloth has been duly calendered.
68. Childlike معصومانہ      I like the childlike nature.
      Childish بیوقوفانہ      I hate his childish habits.
69. Confident پر اعتماد      I am confident of my success in examination.
      Confidant رازدان      He was betrayed by his own confidant.
70. Continual باربار       I am tired of his continual visits.
      Continuous مسلسل     The rain was continuous for several hours.
71. Contemptible قابل نفرت     A liar is contemptible fellow.
      Contemptuous نفرت پر مبنی     Never pass contemptuous remarks about others.
72. Corporal جسمانی Corporal punishment should be abolished.
      Corporeal مادی God is not corporeal.
73. Council مجلس He was elected a member of Union Council.
      Counsel نصیحت      The teacher gave me good counsel.
74. Credible قابل اعتبار This news does not appear to be credible.
      Credulous خوش اعتقاد A credulous person can easily be cheated.
75. Descent اتار The descent of a hill is easy.
       Dissent اختلاف He put down his note of dissent.
76. Desirable پسندیدہ Health and wealth are desirable things.
      Desirous خواہش مند He was desirous of success.
77. Destiny مقد ر Man is the master of his destiny.
      Destination منزل مقصود At last the travelers reached the destination.
78. Draft ہنڈی He paid me by means of a draft.
      Draught گھونٹ He drank a draught of milk.
79. Elicit اگلوانا The police failed to elicit any information from him.
      Illicit نا جائز He was arrested for illicit sale of wine.
80. Eminent ممتاز He is an eminent doctor. 
      Imminent قریب The war is imminent.
81. Emigrant تارک وطن Many Pakistani emigrants have settled in Canada.
      Immigrant نوواردان Many immigrants from Afganistan have created problems in Pakistan.
82. Envious حاسد He is envious of my success.
      Enviable قابل رشک  He has enviable knowledge of everything.
83. Exhausting تھکانے والہ It was an exhausting journey.
      Exhaustive مفصل He wrote an exhaustive essay on terrorism
84. Fatal مہلک The accident proved fatal.
      Fateful فیصلہ کن Pakistan defeated India in fateful match of ICC Champion Trophy.
85. Graceful خوبصورت She looked graceful in her new dress.
      Gracious مہربان He is very gracious to the poor.
86. Hardness سختی Steel is known for its hardness.
      Hardship دشواری He had to face many hardships in his life.
87. Honorary اعزازی He is an honorary magistrate.
      Honourable معزز Our Chairman is an honourable person.
88. Humility انکساری His humility is praiseworthy.
      Humiliation ذلت The late comers suffered humiliation at the hands of principal.
89. Industrial صنعتی There is no industrial school in this town.
      Industrious محنتی The industrious person succeeds in the long run.
90. Judicial عدالتی He has abused judicial powers.
      Judicious دانا His selection of friends is judicious.
91. Naughty شریر Naughty boys are usually punished.
      Knotty پیچیدہ This a knotty problem to solve.
92. Official   دفتری I am sick of official routine.
      Officious خود کو بڑا سمجھنے والا Although he is only a PA, he is always officious in the office.
93. Pitiable قابل رحم  He is in a pitiable condition.
      Pitiful پر رحم She cast pitiful looks at her child.
94. Plain میدان Hills are cooler than plains.
      Plane جہاز He traveled by plane.
95. Popular ہر دلعزیز         Jinnah was a popular leader.
      Populous گنجان آباد Lahore is a populous city.
96. Ring بجانا The peon rings the bell.
     Wring نچوڑنا Wring this wet cloth.
97. Sale فروخت The books are for sale.
      Sail بادبان Sails are made of canvas.
98. Sociable ملنسار Ahmad is a sociable person.
      Social معاشرتی There is a great need of social reforms.
99. Steel فولاد My knife is made of steel.
      Steal چرانا Bad boys steal books.
100. Urban                      شہرUrban life is full of facilities.
        Urbane                   مہذ ب He has urbane manners.

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