How to get Our Standard E-Books that are not Free

Thanks for choosing our products. Many of our books are free. Users can download the books or read them online with full-fledged access. Anyhow, some books are not free for some reasons. Perhaps this is how you can enjoy hundreds of free books. The books that you buy from Zahid E Notes have much more worth than you pay for them. We give you the things that we promise; we don't make false promises.

What will you get?

You will get an E-book (a PDF file). An E-book on our website is simply a PDF file. You will get this file when your payment is verified by us. As soon as your payment reached to us, you will get your book.

How will you pay? (For Pakistan Only)

When you request a book through our given form, we will contact you immediately to provide you further instructions. We call you on your given number to tell you the further procedure.

You will pay the price for the book by following methods.

  1. Easy Load Method

This method is the easiest and the quickest. You will go to an Easyload shop and load our given mobile number with the agreed amount. We will give you a number and you will recharge that number and send us the transaction id (you will get that id from the shopkeeper who will load the number) and we will verify whether you have sent the recharge. After verifying your payment, you will get your book in less than half an hour. That's all.

2. Easy Paisa

If your payment reaches or exceeds Rs. 500. you can send it to our given number through Easy Paisa, or Mobicash, or Upaisa etc. After we receive your payment, we will send you the book withing half n hour.

3. Direct Deposit to bank

In this method, you will deposit the money into any online branch of HBL, Allied Bank or MCB. you will deposit money into the account we will give you on phone. As soon as we get the money in our account, we will send you the book in half an hour.

Payment Method for Other Countries

The users from other countries will pay through Paypal, Or via Payoneer. You will give me your email address and I will send you an email requesting payment. You will click on the link in Email and my Payoneer page will open where you will enter your credit card details and it will be done in seconds. After I receive notification of payment indicating your email Address, I will email you your Book. NOTE: Please do give your email address when you fill the form. Or you can pay me through PayPal

How will you get your Book?

We will email you the book on your given Email address, OR Whatsapp number. If you don't have an email account or Whatsapp, you can use your friend's Email or Whatsapp. After we send you the book, we will confirm the delivery of the book by a telephone call.

Please be assured that we are not a company or firm, we are a group of three teachers and lecturers. We respect your privacy and trust you invest in us. Thanks for your cooperation.

If you become our regular customer, we will be sending your special, tips, gifts, and much of the content free. You will be enjoying some of our services free of costs. You will be notified whenever we publish a new book on our website.

Request an E-Book

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