My Pet A Dog Short essay

My Pet Essay

This is a short paragraph of some sentences and 10 lines on My Pet Dog. The Dog is my pet and writes a few lines on the Dog as my Pet.

A Dog Paragraph

A Short paragraph on a dog is given below.

Short Paragraph

This is a dog. It is my pet. I bought is from an animal Bazaar. It was only two months old when I bought it 5 months ago. I bought it for Rs 1500. Its color is white with large black spots on its body. I feed it daily with bread and rice. It follows me everywhere I go. It plays with me with a ball. It barks at the strangers. It is a faithful dog. It has a long curved tail covered with fur. It sleeps in its dun. It never spoils any eatable food. It loves to drink milk. It is actually a lovely dog. I like it very much.

Ten Sentences on A Dog

1. It is a dog.

2. It is my pet dog.

3. It is 6 months old.

4. I bought is from the animal market.

5. It has two long ears.

6. It has a brown color.

7. Its price is 1000 rupees.

8. It has a tail.

9. It loves to drink Milk.

10. I love my dog.

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