Letter to friend Who had an accident

Write a letter to your friend asking him about his health. So you must ask your friend how he met with an accident and got injured.

Letter to Friend about his Accident

If you want to write to your friend who had an accident, you must play fair and ask him about his health and recovery.

Your Friend had an accident

The letter is given below

Address of Sender,

Dear Friend,
I just came to know that you had an accident yesterday. Ali told me the bad news a moment ago. I am really worried to learn about your health and recovery. I was told that you received serious injuries. You are admitted to the hospital.

My friend, I feel very sorry to hear all this. I am busy with my final project here. I cannot leave it because final submission date is 27 of this month. I have to submit it to get my degree. I pray for your early recovery and sound health. I advise you to drive carefully in the future. It is better to reach late than never reaching.

I will visit you when I come to Lahore. Pay my heartiest feelings to aunt and uncle.
Yours sincerely,

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