Education book for 1st year in urdu pdf

If you are the student of f a part 1, or you are 1st year student doing simple f.a you should select education as an elective subject. 

Many students study education to get good marks and to go into the Education department in the future. Anyhow, whatever your objective is, you must read textbooks as well when you prepare for the exams.

1st year education book in Urdu

So, purchasing and keeping the books in your bag and carrying them daily to college or the academy is really a hard task. You can now read pdf books. If you are a technology lover and want to study books on your mobile phone, you can do it. You should see the 1st year education pairing scheme too.

Punjab Textbook and curriculum board Lahore PCTB has converted all books in PDF and you can download these books from their website. I have also given a link to download the education book for 1st year 2023 from their website.

Education book for 1st year pdf download

If you don't have a good preparation for exams, you can see this education guess paper for 11th class to get the most important questions for the next exams 2023.

1st year students should subscribe to our youtube channel named "Zahid Notes" in order to get the latest educational updates and content. We also provide career counseling there.

1st year Education book PDF download

Now if you want to download the book, you can see the link below. I have recently published 1st year education notes and you can download these notes here at Zahid Notes. These are exercise-based short questions and additional short questions.

Education Book for 1st year is in Urdu medium. English medium version of the book is not available on Board's website. So, only Urdu medium version is available. I will give a link to English medium when it is available.

education book for f a part 1 pdf

You may want to see the following notes and other resources helpful to you:

4. 1st year guess paper

I am preparing the notes and key books. You will find them here once they are final. Note that short questions of education come from the texts for the book. 

Exercise short questions come in fewer numbers. I will give you the list of important long questions on education for the year 2023 in march 2023.

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