ICS 1st year statistics book pdf

Here is the 1st year ICS part 1 statistics book in pdf given below. You can download this book in PDF from the given link below. Now if you see that I have not uploaded these books myself on the web. These books are present on PCTB's own web hosting server. Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board Lahore has published these books in PDF on their own website.

ICS Statistics Part 1 book

now that you can see the link to the original pdf file is given here and the source is hosted on their website. So, this is the real textbook that you are looking for. I once searched for the book and could not find it on the internet. The file I found was very huge consuming more cellular data. So, I  decided to find a simple one with low memory. I finally got it from their website.

Statistics textbook for 1st year

As you know PCTB's website is not so much popular with search queries related to the textbooks in PDF. So, many bloggers and website owners have given the link to their books on their websites like I have done. So, the book is the same on most of the websites now.

ICS paert 1 statistics book download

Download PDF

For many students, I have given some tips on how to prepare for your exams, especially the supplementary exams. The trick is simple that you follow the pairing scheme and prepare only 4 or 5 chapters and get more than 50 marks our of 85 marks of theory portion of the question paper.
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