10th class computer science scheme 2023

Here is the paper scheme of computer science for class 10th 2023. You can read the paper scheme and compare it with the paper scheme of class 10th computer science 2022. 

Now this one is new for the year 2023. You can see that I have composed all subjects pairing scheme of 10th class 2023 in pdf and you can download it in pdf in one file and all subjects.

10th class computer science pairing scheme 2023

10th class computer science new scheme 2023 punjab board

It is a fresh and updated pairing scheme of computer science for 10th class. It is noted that some parts of the pairing scheme of 2021 have changed in 2023 and you should prepare accordingly.
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Here is the paper scheme of computer science for 9th class in image form and the below one is in text form so that you can share it easily.

10th class paper scheme 2023 computer science

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Pairing scheme in text form

MCQs = 10 (1 from chapter 1, 2 MCQs from chapter 2, 3, 4, each and 3 MCQs from chapter 5)

Short Questions

Question No. 2 (4/6)
Chapter 1 = 3
Chapter 2 = 3

Question No. 3 (4/6)
Chapter 3 = 4
Chapter 4 = 2

Question No. 4 (4/6)
Chapter 4 = 2
Chapter 5 = 4

Long Questions (attempt ANY TWO from three)

Question No. 5
Chapter 1 = one question

Question No. 6
Chapter 2 OR 3 = one question

Question No. 7
Chapter 4 = one question

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