10th class biology guess paper Punjab Boards 2023

This post has the guess paper of biology being prepared today. It will be updated here at night. You can visit this post again at night. All the guess papers of 10th class are being prepared in pdf form.
Now th guess paper on biology for class 10th in English has been updated here below. You can see the guess paper of biology for all board classes below.

10th class biology guess paper 2023 English Medium

10th class biology guess paper 2023 pdf download punjab board

These are guess paper 2022 according to full syllabus 2023. The new physics scheme is also available on Zahid Notes. Punjab board's new guess paper for class 10 are now published. The important short questions and long questions have been given chapter-wise.

10th class biology Important Short Questions 2023

Here are the important short questions of biology class 10th chapter wise

Unit 1:

  • stomata and lenticels
  • functions of the nasal cavity
  • functions of mucus
  • difference between respiration and breathing
  • what is diaphragm
  • trachea
  • symptoms of pneumonia and asthma
  • acute and chronic bronchitis
  • effects of smoking 
  • voice box/bronchus

Unit 2

  • homeostasis and example
  • difference between osmoregulation and thermoregulation
  • pressure filtration
  • tubular secretion
  • glomerulus filtrate
  • lithotripsy
  • renal cortex and renal medulla
  • kidney transplant
  • dialysis
  • kidney stone and its symptoms

Unit 3

  • coordination and names of its types
  • ganglions 
  • spinal cord and its functions
  • components of coordination
  • difference between stimulus and receptor
  • difference between a reflex action and reflex arc
  • somatic and autonomic nervous system 
  • myopia and hypermetropia
  • define hormone and endocrine system
  • pituitary gland and its functions

Unit 4

  • skeleton and endoskeleton 
  • difference between flexer and extensor
  • osteocytes
  • number of bones in the axial and appendicular skeleton
  • types of joins
  • difference between tendons and ligaments
  • what is bone? difference between compact and spongy bone
  • osteoporosis

Unit 5

  • reproduction and its types
  • fragmentation
  • multiple fission
  • parthenocarpy
  • benefits and disadvantages of vegetative propagation
  • endospores
  • pollination, self-pollination and crosss-pollination
  • alternation of generations

Unit 6

  • what is a trait
  • define heredity with example
  • co-dominance and incomplete dominance
  • difference between genotype and phenotype
  • difference between dominant and recessive allele
  • difference between gene and allele
  • artificial and natural selection
  • difference between homozygous and heterozygous allele
  • difference between translation and transcription

Unit  7

  • define ecology and community
  • define ecosystem
  • define mutualism with an example
  • what is acid rain and give its effects
  • predation with examples
  • difference between food chain and food web
  • difference between ecto and endoparasites
  • difference between nitrification and denitrification
  • what is symbiosis

Unit 8

  • What is biotechnology
  • single cell protien
  • what is fermentor and give it advantages
  • purposes of genetic engineering
  • what is recombinant DNA?
  • Define fermentation
  • alcoholic and lactic acid fermentation

Unit 9

  • Define pharmacology and give its relation to the pharmacy.
  • vaccine and vaccination 
  • narcotics
  • hallucinogens
  • sedative and its harms
  • difference between analgesics and antibiotic

10th class biology important long questions 2023

Chapter 11: The osmoregulatory function of the kidney
Chapter 11: Structure and function of nephron (internal kidney) with diagram

Chapter 11: Dialysis and it's types.
Chapter 11: Osmoregulation adaptations in plants.

Chapter 11: Difference between xerophytes and halophytes
Chapter 11: Difference between hydrophytes and xerophytes
Chapter 12: Write a note on the neuron with a diagram
Chapter 12: Structure of the human eye
Chapter 12: Write a note of forebrain
Chapter 12: Functions of lobes of the cerebrum

Chapter 12: Explain reflex arc and reflex action
Chapter 13: Cartilage and its types
Chapter 13: Type of joints
Chapter 13: Arthritis and its types
Chapter 14: Advantages and disadvantages of vegetative propagation
Chapter 14: Write a note on the reproductive system of female rabbit
Chapter 14: Conditions for germination of seed

Chapter 14: Spermatogenesis and oogenosis
Chapter 16: Nitrogen cycle
Chapter 16: Biotic elements of the ecosystem

Chapter 16: Ecological Primades and their types
Chapter 16: Carbon cycle
Chapter 17: Purposes and aims of genetic engineering
Chapter 17: Steps of genetic engineering
Chapter 17: Uses and importance of biotechnology

Chapter 17: Fermenters and their advantages

Chapter 18: Sources of drugs

Chapter 18: Drug addiction and its impacts

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