10th class maths guess paper 2023 for Science Group

There are several guess papers of mathematics for 10th class on the net. The real and quite complete guess paper of maths for 10th class in pdf is given below. 

The guess paper for maths includes important short questions and long questions of mathematics class 10th 2023 3xams. Chapterwise important questions for 10th class maths for science students is given here.

10th class mathematics guess paper 2023 pdf

Not all guess paper present online are very good. There are websites that offer poor quality content that is more harmful than it is useful for the students. This guess paper is in pdf and you can download it free from here. I have given a download link in this post.

Download: 10th class maths definitions notes

Please notes that this time, in 2023 exams, do not rely completely on any guess paper. There will be many conceptual questions in the board paper in 2023. So, clear your concepts and also learn self-writing by practicing it more and more. 

Maths guess paper 2023 class 10 for all Boards

So, in my opinion, guess paper may benefit you to just pass the exams. If you want to get good marks too, you should clear your concepts, study the complete book, practice writing and solving questions and make sure that you attempt the paper in a nice way.

Now here is the guess paper maths for 10th class which includes important short questions and long questions from every chapter. You can download it in pdf below.

10th class maths important questions

Unit 1

Ex 1.1 - Q1 (ii,iv,v,iv) - Q2 (ii, iv, vi) - Q3 (i,vi,vii)

Ex 1.2 - Q1 (i,vi,x), Q5

Ex 1.3 - Q1, Q9, Q10, Q15

Ex 1.4 - Q11

Ex 1: -  i, ii, vi

Unit 2

Ex 2.1 - Q1(i, iii, iv), Q4(iii)

Example no. 2 (iv, v)

Ex 2.2 - Q2 (i, ii, ii)  Q3

Ex 2.3 - Q1 (i, ii, ii, iv)

Ex 2.4 - Q1 (i,ii)

Ex 2.5 - Q1 complete

Page 42 example 5

Ex 2.6 -  Q1 (i,ii,iii) Q2 (i, ii, iii)

Ex 2.7 - Q7, Q8, Q9

Ex 2.8 - Q1, Q5

Ex 2 : - Q2 (vi, vii)

Unit 3

Ex 3.1 - Q4, Q9

Ex 3.2 - Q1 (i, ii), Q2 (i, ii), Q3(i, ii), Q4(i, ii)

Ex 3.4 - Q2 (complete)

Ex 3.6 - Q2 (i, ii,iii)

Ex 3: - Q2 (complete)

Unit 4

Ex 4.1 - Q3 and Q8

Ex 4.2 - Q1, Q2, Q6

Ex 4: - Q2 (complete)

Unit 5

Ex5.1 - Q1 (i,ii,iii), Q5 (i, ii)

Ex 5.2 - Q3, Q4 (i, ii)

Ex 5.3 - Q2 (i, ii)

Ex 5.4 - Q3 (i, ii, iii)

Ex 5.5 - Q3

Unit 6

Example 3, page 163

Ex 6.2 Q3 (i,ii)

Ex 6.3 Q4 and Q5 (i)

Unit 7

Ex 7.1 Q1, Q2(i, ii, iii), Q3(i, ii, iii), Q4(i, ii, iii, iv), Q5(i, ii, ii, iv, v)

Ex 7.2 Q4, Q5, Q9, Q12

Ex 7.4 Q8, Q18, Q23, Q24

Ex 7.5 Q2

Unit 8

Ex 8: - Q7, Q8, Q9

Important Problems

Unit 9 Problem No. 1, 2, 3

Unit 12 Problem No. 1, 2

Important Definitions

Radical equation

Quadratic equation

Reciprocal equation

Synthetic division

Simultaneous equations

name method equation


Properties and variation

inverse variation

joint variation

proper and improper fraction

rational fraction

complement of set

binary relation


complement of a set

ordered pairs

into function, onto function

rational fraction


variable deviation




standard deviation


measure of angle,


length of tangent

segment circle





10th class important short and long questions pdf download

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