10th class pak study guess paper 2020 pdf download

Here is the guess paper of the Pak Study of class 10th. You can download the guess paper in PDF form. Now, this is the only page with a pdf link to the original file of guess paper.

10th class Pak Study Guess Paper 2020 PDF

The pdf file consists of two portions: One portion contains all-important short questions from all chapters + some questions about dengue fever. The other part consists of all important long questions of Pak study. The guess paper is in Urdu medium but English medium students can also learn the same questions in English.

10th class Pak Study Important Questions

10th class Pak study important short and long questions chapterwise

The complete list of questions is given in the pdf file. You can download the pdf file from the link below.

Download PDF

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  1. Sir can u kindly made english medium guess paper of pak studies because it is very difficult for finding the questions.. i hope u will understand.