Something is better than nothing english story with moral lesson

I was searching for a nice story on the moral lesson "something is better than nothing" but it is sad to find that story nowhere on the internet. Although there are some stories those are totally irrelevant of the topic. So, I decided to write my own story on this moral lesson.

Anyhow, the main point is the stories I found on the web did not relate to the topic 'something is better than nothing'. Actually, a complete whole essay can be written on this topic but I need a story. So, I have tried my best to keep it relevant. see this below and give your remarks in the comments.

Something is better than nothing story

One Day, Dr. Aslam was returning back to his home from his clinic. It was 11 O├žlock at night. There was utter darkness in the way and he was driving his car slowly as the road was broken and muddy. Dr. Aslam was a famous doctor in the area and his hospital was equally popular. He lived in a small village 20 km away from the town where he ran his hospital. He usually came back home late at night.

Suddenly he saw huge stones in the way. He could not pass his car. He stopped his car and came down to see the situation. As he left the car, two armed men appeared from the darkness and spread their guns over him. They asked him to give them all that he had. The Dr. had a huge amount of money that he was bringing home. The money was in his car. There were some thousands of rupees in his coat's pockets too. The men went to his car to search for the money. Meanwhile, Dr. Aslam dropped the money he had in his pockets nearby in the dark. The robbers searched the car, took his money and his mobile phone while keeping him on gunpoint. They then searched the doctor's pocket and found nothing from them. They disappeared in the darkness.

Dr. Aslam had lost almost two lakh rupees. Then he lit up his car's lights and looked for the money he had dropped nearby. He found it and counted it. It was 25 thousand rupees which he saved with cleverness. Dr. drove to the house. He reacher home and told every detail of the incident to his family. If he had not dropped that money he would have lost that too. That money helped the daughter buy milk and food for his children that day. Something is better than nothing.

Moral Lesson: Something is better than nothing

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