Kindness never goes unrewarded Story

This is the story of a king and his slave. The slave and the lion story tell us a moral lesson that kindness never goes unrewarded. Kindness is a great virtue and a kind man always gets its reward. Kindness is always rewarded and this story gives us the same moral lesson.

A short story on Kindness for students

A short story about kindness and generosity

Kindess stories for students are common. This is one page story on Kindness is always rewarded. This is the story of a King and the slave and a lion. This is very common and popular story in Kindness never goes unrewarded

Kindness never goes unrewarded Story

Kindness is a virtue that never goes to waste. Our society has many examples which prove this proverb. One such example is this story.

Once a king had a slave. The king was cruel and unjust. He was selfish and strict. His slave did not like him due to his cruel behaviour with him. The king used to give him heavy punishment for slight mistakes. He gave little to him to eat. The slave had a miserable life. 

One day, he decided to run away. In the morning, he ran away to the forest and hid in a cave. He was sure that the king's soldiers were searching for him everywhere.

Sitting in the cave, he was thinking of his fate when he heard s growl behind him. An idea hit his mind. A lion was sitting behind him. He drenched with sweat in fear. He could not move. The lion growled again. The slave realized a pain in the voice of the lion. 

He turned back and looked at the lion. He saw that the lion has a thorn in its paw. The lion was looking at him with strange eyes. The slave took courage and went near the lion. The lion did not change its expression. Slowly, the slave moved near and pulled the thorn out of his paw. The lion roared and the slave was about to run. 

Suddenly, the lion stood up and went out of the cave without hurting the slave. The lion turned on the opening of the cave and looked at the slave with thankful eyes and went away.

After a few days, the soldiers of the king captured the slave and brought him back to the king. The king was furious in anger. He wanted to punish the slave for his disobedience. He ordered his guards to put the slave before a hungry lion. 

As they threw the slave before the lion, the lion rushed at him. But as it came near, it moved its tail and began to lick the hands of the slave. The slave also recognized the lion. It was the same lion he met in the forest.

The king was puzzled. He asked the slave the reason for the strange behavior of the lion with him. The slave told the king the whole story. The king realized that an animal can be a friend through kindness. He understood the power of kindness. 

He realized that he could win the people with kindness. He set the lion and the slave free. He became kind and hence a darling king in the eyes of his people.

Moral lesson: Kindness never goes unrewarded

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