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These days the internet is an integral part of the life of every individual. At first, it was established as a device that connected the people with each other. The letter on its use increased. Now it is used in every human activity. If we talk about its benefits we cannot deny its importance in our life.

In this essay, we are going to discuss the impact of the internet on the young generation. Our youth has badly picked up the facility and taken to it very quickly. The essay explains both the negative and positive effects of the internet on society, especially on our young generation. You can download the essay in pdf, The link to the pdf file is given at the end.

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Impact of the Internet on the young generation

The impacts of the internet on society are both negative and positive. So, both types of impact have been explained separately here

Positive Impact

1. Access to Information

The Internet played a key role in changing the world into a global village. In past man,'s world was consisted of his own village and one or two neighbouring villages. It was hard for him to know what was going in the other parts of the world. But today man can have easy access to all the happenings in the world. They are before him as they are actually happening. 

2. Communication Improved

Due to the internet, a man can remain in touch with his family friends and relatives. It has also given great importance to the business. The people of all the ages are enjoying the benefits of the internet. It has easy solution of all problems. Here we will talk about the influence of the Internet on students and young generation. Almost 97% of the young generation uses the internet. 

3. Recreation

People can use the internet for having recreation or entertainment. It is a natural reaction that a man feels bore in doing his daily pursuits. Therefore he is in need of having some refreshment. For this purpose he can concern with internet. He can enjoy music videos games movies cartoons and many other things of this kind. But he should keep this factor in mind that it should not be allowed to damage his study and physical fitness.

4. Impacts on Education and students

Design people of the modern age can get help from the internet in their study. For instance, if a student finds his task hard or he finds any confusion in any topic, he can get help from the internet. You should search his topic on internet. This will explain the given topic in an easy way. He will be able to get more information about his topic. In the same way he can find the meaning of the difficult words. The Internet has made the study very easy and accessible.

5. Impacts on business and professions

In this age, a man can get access to all type of information through the internet. For example hi may be aware of the circumstances of the country and the world. We can get the ads of the jobs through the internet. The students can get knowledge about the exams paper pattern and the scheme of the boards and universities. In the same way, a student can know about the admission date of different school colleges and universities. These are the positive effects of the internet.

Negative Impacts

Now we will talk about the abuses of the internet. As the internet has given us a lot of advantages on the hand it has also bad effects on young people. In the following ways, the student and young people are affected by the internet.

1. Wastage of time

Young people and the student was there is a lot of time by using the internet. They remain busy in playing games, watching movies and listening to the songs. They do not care for their study. They remain busy in useless activities on the internet. It has often been noticed that young people remain awake all night using the internet. This had seriously affected their study and health.

The Internet seriously affected their study. Excessive use of the internet affects the habit of reading. Every person tries to get a solution to his problem on the internet. They do not care to read the books. In this way internet damage the habit of book reading.

2. Generation Gap

The generation gap is also a negative aspect of the Internet. The young people remain busy on the internet. They do not like to sit with their parents and elder member of the family. They do not discuss their problem and issues with the aged people. They are whole time is just for the internet . This decreased social communication among people. In this way, people remain on away from the problem and issues of the other people. Before internet people like to sit at a place and talk about their problems. But no no such activity is found among the young people. Internet cost of a generation gap among young people and the old. 

3. Cyber Crimes

Involvement in useless or illegal activities is also a negative aspect of the internet. The young men and women while using the internet involved in many illegal activities. Internet increases social evils like corruption spelling kidnapping of children and sexual harassment. The young people begin to think beyond their ages. A large number of woman has committed suicide due to the effect of the Internet. In this way, the internet affects series to the young generation.

4. Shunning the religious and social values

Away from the teachings of Islam. Due to internet design, people are going away from the teachings of Islam. Because of the excessive use of the internet, there is a lack of respect of the elders among young people. They remain busy on the internet and do not offer prayer regularly. The young people do not decide the holy Quran. That is the reason they have failed to know about the history of their forefathers. They do not go to the mosque or in the gathering of religious people. so they field to know about the teachings of Islam.

to sum up, the whole discussion is that we should use the internet only for useful and positive purposes. We should keep this factor in mind that we are Muslim and the citizen of Pakistan.we should not involve in any activity which may bring bad our name or become a cause of dishonour for ourselves for our parents for our religion and country. May Allah keep us in his safe shelter.

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