Sports and Games English essay for matric and Inter

 I have given here a complete and easy essay on sports and games. The importance of sports and games essay for class 10, class 9 and 2nd year students can be helpful. This is a short but easy essay. The quotations have been included in the essay.

English essay on Sports and Games

This is a good and standard essay on the importance of sports and games. The essay is best for college students like FSc and FA part 2 and for matric students too. The important points have been discussed in this essay.

Sports and Games essay in English

Essay Outlines:

1. Introduction

2. Importance of sports and games

3. Impact on daily life

4. Impact on body and mind

5. Conclusion

1. Introduction:

Sports refer to the activities which involve physical abilities for recreational and or competitional purposes. Similarly, games do have some rules and involve more than one player. Sports and games basically refer to all physical and mental activities performed to earn a recreational purpose.
The first wealth is health - R.W Emerson
Sports and games are both healthy activities. Sports are played outdoors while games can also be played indoors. Some games do not require much physical involvement. Like Ludo is a game and it can be played sitting at a place.

2. Importance of sports and games:

Sports and games have long been part of warfare and gymnastic trainings. Greeks used many types of sports and games to make their bodies strong. So, the main outcome of sports and games is a sound body. 

Games and sports keep us physically fit. They reduce the chances of getting sick. Spots and games maintain the balance of hormones and other chemicals in our body which results in a long life. 

3. Impact on Daily Life

A person who takes part in sports and games is always fresh and happy. He/she learns how to fight stress and anxiety. He/she enjoys every task. He has good relationships with others as he keeps strong temperaments. 
Sports do not build character. They reveal it. - Heywood Broun
An athlete or sportsman gains more concentration power which allows him/her to participate in other activities more actively. He enjoys his day well.

4. Impact on body and Mind

Many doctors tell their patients to exercise. They ask them to have a morning walk. This is so because physical activities have a positive effect on our body. Physical activities like sports and games activate the lazy cells and organs of our body. 
sports is the greatest physical poetry. - Joe Philips
When we involve ourselves in physical activities, the muscles of our body become active. Our lungs breathe rapidly and we get more fresh air. As breathing is controlled by our brain, our brain has to work out to keep the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body. So, our brain becomes more active.

This is why taking exercise or taking part in sports also stimulate our brain and refreshen us. It removes negativity from our minds and we feel full of energy.
A sound body has a sound mind
When we are out of breath, the brain's sections related to mood, attention, and body awareness are activated. Thus, we have better attention, better mood, and a better attitude. So, sports and games play an important role in changing our whole life.

5. Conclusion

Sports and games not only keep us physically and mentally fit but they also enhance the endurance of our body and mind. We spend a better life if we take part in sports and games. Sports and games are an essential part of our daily life.

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