2nd year education short questions notes pdf download

 Now the series of notes for FA arts students is coming. I have just posted below the education short questions notes for class 12 FA part 2. Please download your notes for 12 class education short questions in pdf from below.

2nd year Education notes PDF Download

The complete notes for class 12 education are given below. The notes include chapter wise short questions from all the chapters. The solved short questions notes are given in pdf.

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The notes are in a single pdf file but chapter no.1 is missing in the notes. I will post a supplementary post for chapter 1. Or I will post the chapter 1 notes here and give a link to pdf file.

The notes includes the following chapters short questions notes. The short questions have been taken from past papers of all boards, the most important questions from the chapters and the texts of the book. So, you can prepare short questions from these notes to get high marks.

Education notes class 12 (FA part 2)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

The notes are for the federal board and for Punjab board students. Download the notes in pdf below.

2nd year fa part 2 class 12 education short questions notes urdu medium
You can see that this pdf file contains all chapters exercise short questions and additional short questions notes. Download these best notes for class 12 English.

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