Difference between FA, FSc, ICS and I.Com in Pakistan

  Now here in this part, I would explain in detail all types of different courses like FA, FSc, ICom, and ICS in Pakistan. All these refer to the same level of Education called the intermediate level.

 Intermediate or HSSC is last level of schooling after which students take admission in the University level in Pakistan in a degree program.

The difference between FA, FSc, I.Com, ICS in Pakistan

The difference between FA, FSc, ICS and I.COm

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Now let me explain the terms. 

First of all you must be clear about the difference between HSSC and Intermediate in Pakistan. As both terms refer to the same level of education in Pakistan, I will be using both terms off and on.

What is FA in Pakistan?

FA stands for Faculty of Arts. It is the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) with arts subjects.

 There is a variety of subjects and subject combinations from which a student can choose.

Also, see the Best subjects combination in FA.

FA part 1 and part 2 are also called 1st year and 2nd year respectively in Pakistan.

FSc in Pakistan

FSc stands for the Faculty of Science. In a sense of educational or grade level, there is no difference between FA and FSc. Bu there is a difference of the subjects students choose. 

You can learn more about the subjects of F.Sc pre medical and pre engineering groups.

ICS in Pakistan

ICS stands for Intermediate in Computer Sciences. It is also equal to FA and FSc but has different subjects. You can read my other post on subjects for ICS in Pakistan.

I.Com in Pakistan

I.Com stands for Intermediate in Commerce. It is equal to FA, FSc and ICS. It is also an intermediate or HSSC course. You can read my other post about which subjects you can choose in I.Com in Pakistan.

As, I have made it clear that the only difference between FA, FSc, ICS and I.com is that of subjects. These are various subject-based groups of same level of course i.e intermediate or HSSC level.

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