Summary of the Poem "Try Again" Written by W.E Hickson

Summary of poem "Try Again" by W.E Hickson


Hickson, the poet has a great message for us in the poem. He says that trying is doing. The path of life is never as simple as we think, and success waits only for those who do not lose heart inspite of all hardships in the way. The poet tells us that persistence brings about miracles. Sometimes we may fail in our efforts but our courage should not be weakened because success waits for us. Our first few efforts may not bear fruits. It is no disgrace to try again and again until we achieve our goal. Each way of life has some lessons for us whether it is lesson of success or lesson of defeat. We should keep on learning from our failures.  Sometimes our goal is very difficult is to achieve but the virtue of life never goes unrewarded. It is the story of all successful men that whoever kept on trying got his goal at last. So, patience and hope are the golden principles of our life.

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