Summary of the Poem "Peace" by Dr. Hartmann

Summary of the Poem "Peace" written by Dr. Hartmann


The poem “Peace” written by Dr. Hartmann describes two natural aspects of wind, storm and peace. In first stanza the poetess explains the cruel role of wind. She says that in the form of storm, wind destroys everything. Her anger hits beautiful buildings, trees and fields. It grounds the wonderful works of man. It ruins everything that comes in its range. After destroying, it sweeps the broken pieces along and spreads here and there. In second stanza the poetess describes the sweet aspect of wind. Here wind has taken the form of a gentle breeze. The poetess says that what she has described before is not the reality. The reality of wind lies, in fact, in its gentleness and peace. It gives life to buds, birds and humans. The bright sky looks so blue and cloudless. There is peace and quiet everywhere. Only the mild and faint whisper of breeze can be heard somewhere at a distance.
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