Write a letter to your friend describing your first impression about college life

A letter to friend describing your first impression about college life

46-C Model Block,
Model Town,
June 28, 2017
Dear Ahmad,
Sorry for not writing to you earlier. In fact, last three days were very busy. I had to buy new clothes, stationary, and other things for my college welcome party. It was held yesterday. It was a great fun. We have been to college for a month. The college life is really a fascinating life. There are no strict discipline and odd rules like we had at school. The professors are very friendly. They welcomed us in such a way that I cannot explain in words. Every student in college has equal access to opportunities and resources. I am really happy for being part of such grand institution.

Our college has a magnificent large building divided into four blocks. Classrooms are air conditioned, vast and multimedia-aided. It has a large playground. Computer and science labs and a huge library are also the part of educational activities. From every aspect, our college is a perfect college. Our seniors are very friendly and cooperative. We have realized their love from the way they have given a welcome party in our honour.

We have already covered our 33 percent course of all books. We are given a daily timetable for activities. I am satisfied with everything here. Thanks for asking me about my college life. I will keep writing to you as I find something worthy of sharing.

Yours sincerely
Ali Aftaab
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