A Letter to father asking him to send you money for education trip

Jun 10, 2018

A Letter to father asking him to send you money for education trip

Ask father to send you money for the educational tour

Write a letter to your father asking him to send you some money for your educational tour. This is sample letter written by a son to his father to ask him to send some money for the educational trip.

Write a letter to your father for asking money for school Trip

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City A.B.C
December 03, 2016

Dear Father,

I hope this letter finds you in your best health and spirits. I want to inform you that our midterm exams are over. I have worked hard and hope to get the 1st division in it. The result will be declared on 15th of this month. Meanwhile, our section in charge has arranged an educational tour on 7th of this month. I am free and I want to go on this trip. It is going to Margullah Hills. It will be an informative trip for us. Most of my class fellows are going.

I request you to allow me to go on this tour and also send me Rs 5000 for this trip.
Dear father, I know it may be difficult to arrange so much amount in such a short notice. In fact, I could have written to your earlier but I was busy in my exams. Moreover, the date of school tour was not confirmed till our exams started. I Hope you will allow me to join this informative and recreational tour. I am waiting for your kind reply.

Pay me regard to mom and Barkha.
Your son,
Rahul Sharma

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