Write a letter to your mother telling her about your health

Write a letter to mother telling her about your health

Examination hall
City A.B.C
September 03,2016

Dear Mother,
I received your kind letter today. It shows me your high concern about my health. It is your letters that keep me fit here. It is your love and affection that makes me feel at home here. Thanks for your so much care and love.

Well, I have recovered now. It was a temporary ailment. The doctor told that it was a slight rise in temperature due to overwork. He told me not to attend the college for a day or two. I took rest for the day and took medicines. Now I am feeling quite fresh and hale. You don’t need to worry about me. I am taking great care of my health and fitness. I have also started morning walk.

I have made a study timetable. I will spare some time for games and entertainment. Please don’t worry now.

Pay my regards to father and Aunt Amina. Love for younger Amir.

With special thanks,

Your son,

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