Heat Lightening Play - Notes for the Students

Heat Lightning Play Notes

Here are important question answer notes for Inter Part 1 English plays Heat Lightning.

Here are the notes for 

First Year English Book III all solved questions of all plays 

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Heat Lightning

Q.1. Why was the girl unable to describe the killer? (imp)
Ans: She could not describe the killer as she had not seen him clearly due to darkness. She had already seen the corpse of a woman so she had become nervous too.

Q.2. What was condition of the weather? (imp)
Ans: The weather was stormy. It was heavy rain with thundering and lightning.

Q.3. Why did the girl consider the First Man her helper? (imp)
Ans: She was already nervous and upset. She knew that the killer was chasing her. She was looking for help. As she first met the First man, so she considered him her helper and asked for his help.

Q.4. Did the girl become suspicious of the First Man as the play progresses?
Ans: No, she did not get suspicious of the First Man in the beginning of the play. Rather she trusted him.

Q.5. Why did the girl not want to go to the police?
Ans: The girl did not want to inform the police as she was unable to describe the killer. She knew that the police would harass her by putting unnecessary questions.

Q.5. Why did the second man accuse the First man of lying? (imp)
Ans: The first man tried to hide the presence of the girl whom the Second man had already seen through the glass of the door. So, the second man accused him of lying.

Q.6. What were the circumstances that forced her to leave her car?
Ans: It was stormy midnight. Her car ran out of gas on the road. There was nobody nearby to help. So, she had to leave her car there.

Q.7. Why didn’t she company the second man? Why did girl not accept the offer of the second man to go with him? (imp)
Ans: The girl considered the second man the killer. She did not want to go with him. So she refused his offer to go with him.

Q8. Why did the girl ask help from the first man?
Ans: See the answer to question No.3

Extra questions

Q.9. How did the Girl realize the truth?

Ans: The girl saw a flashlight in the hands of the First man. It was the same flashlight that she had dropped on the road. So, she realized that the first man was the killer.

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