All That Glitters is Not Gold English Story - A Foolish Stag

English Story All That Glitters is Not Gold

All that glitters is not gold moral story

Here is the story with a moral lesson all that glitters is not gold. This is the story of a foolish stag. A foolish stag story for 1st year students is given below. The foolish stag story carries the moral lesson all that glitters in not Gold.

A foolish stag story

Once, a stag lived in a jungle. He used to drink clear water from a nearby stream. Whenever he saw his reflection in the water, he praised his beautiful horns. He felt proud of his horns. When he looked at his thin ugly legs, he disliked them. He thought that his legs were a shame for him.

One day as he was drinking water and feeling sorrow for having ugly legs, he saw a pack of hounds running towards him at a short distance. He ran away. The hounds kept on chasing him. He ran as fast as his legs could. Soon he left the hounds far behind.

He was crossing the bushes when suddenly his horns were trapped in a bush. He tried his best to release himself but he could not. His beautiful horns would not let him move. Meanwhile, the hounds reached there and they attacked him. They tore him into pieces.

His thin ugly legs which he did not like helped him rescue his life but his favorite horns became the cause of his death.

Moral Lessons:
  • All that glitters is not gold
  • Appearances are often deceptive
  • Pride hath a fall
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