Three Friends and a Bag of Gold- English Story

Greed is curse story of three friends and gold

Greed is Curse Story

Three friends and a bag of the gold story with a moral lesson

Here is the story of the three friends who met their fat for their greed. This is the story of three friends who were greedy. The story bears the moral lesson 'Greed is Curse' for the readers. This is a short nice English story worth reading.

Three Friends and a bag of Gold

Greed is rightly a curse as it results in destruction and disgrace. A greedy person is not liked by his fellows. This story shows how greed can bring about devastation.

Once there lived three friends in a city. They were fast friends. One day they decided to go on a picnic to the countryside. They planned their journey and set out early in the morning. They reached the riverside and fixed their encampment. They spent the whole day enjoying the beautiful scenes of nature.

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In the noon, as they were returning to their camp, they found a bag of full of gold. They were very happy to have such a huge treasure. They were much excited. They decided to share this gold equally among them. Now they felt hungry. One of them was sent to the nearby village to bring food. As he was gone, the other two friends decided to kill him and have more share of gold. Their greedy nature would not think of any other option.

The friend who went to the village to bring food was greedy too. He poisoned the food to kill other two friends and to have all the gold himself. As soon as he came back, the other two friends killed him. Then they ate the food with peace and delight. After eating the poisoned food, they met their maker. The gold was still there. It was of no use for them.

Moral Lesson: Greed is Curse.

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